About USA Freedom List

Why we started this website, and how companies got on our list.

USA Freedom List empowers you to vote with your pocket book. The concept is to buy-cott (buy) from pro-American and patriotic companies only. Simply reference our list before you shop, and see how companies match up to your beliefs.

We love America and wish more companies would support the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Unfortunately we find ourselves in a country where this is becoming increasingly rare.

This website was born out of the desire to mobilize consumer dollars towards freedom loving, patriotic companies.

God bless America!

How the "Patriotic Companies" list was determined

Freedom loving companies meet one or more of these criteria:

  1. Believe in an individual's right to medical privacy, and medical choice.

  2. Publicly or monetarily support pro-American groups.

  3. Publicly or monetarily support movements to protect the Bill of Rights.

  4. Publicly or monetarily support movements to sustain American sovereignty.

  5. Publicly shows an overall appreciation for the American worker.

  6. Publicly shows tolerance towards people of faith.

  7. Publicly shows respect for law and order.

  8. Believe in free and fair elections.